Telluride Film Festival

Beginning in a lot of good things in theater, the Telluride Film Festival is taken credit to its founder James Cord. In 1973, when he stepped into the newly renovated Sheridan Opera House, he immediately envisioned a cinematic carnival that concentrated on movies that are hidden in the archives.

Cord, formerly the head at the George Eastman House for his motion picture collection, was able to convince Bill Pence, his partner in Janus Films, to join in his cause. In the latter part, the owner Kino International together with his wife, Stella and Tom Luddy, a curator for Pacific Film Archive, united with him in the summer season.

It was on August 30, 1974 that the first Telluride Film Festival took place. It was a tribute to silent film star Gloria Swanson together with the viewing of a novel restored Sadie Thompson. Swanson was also the pioneering beneficiary of their Silver Medallion for lifetime achievement award. In each of the 30 years, this cinematic carnival constantly celebrates the most- gifted motion picture enthusiasts.

Francis Coppola and Leni Riefenstahl were also recognized in the launching of the Telluride Film Festival. There were also the all- time favorites of mom and dad like Clint Eastwood, Andrie Trakovsky, Perdo Almodovar, Meryl Streep, Catherine Deneuve, David Lynch and Peter O’ Toole. Due to such names, it has established that reputation as reviving the forgotten classics. Five years after, the restored Napoleon by Abel Gance was the mark of commencing a global movie preservation endeavor.

The Pence couple who was co- director in the Telluride Film Festival have showed an appreciation for great new works even those that are ambiguous and idiosyncratic. Examples of which are Sweet Movie by Dusan Makavejev, Paris by Wim Wender, Breaking the Waves by Lars Von Trier, Blue by Krzysztof Kieslowski and a lot more. It was also the venue for the debut of motion pictures such as that of Roger and Me, Sling Blade, The Crying Game, El Mariachi and Lost in Translation.

After a three- year relationship with a Cord, the Pence couple carried William Everson, a respected historian and movie buff, to be another co- director. Card still remained in his very purpose which was to embellish vivacity to the “lost” in the industry. As Everson was a specialist in niche motion pictures that are of the Western having special effects with a theme of old slapstick comedies. Every year, he would showcase a dozen of flicks from his very own collection. There was one instance where there were climactic scenes from a series of tragic movies, there was also another that there fantastic aerial stunts he could ever find. However, for not long, he decided to step down in 1988 and the Pence couple filled in the vacant slot in a rotating basis.