Dish Network

Dish Network is the fast-growing digital satellite TV service in the country, serving more than 12 million subscribers and offering hundreds of channels of the best programming, from HBO to ESPN to Cinemax and much, much more. Last month, Dish Network reinforced its reputation as the leader in high definition (HD) television when it announced the addition of several new HD networks.
EchoStar, Dish Network’s parent company, has been working with Rainbow Media Holdings to bring more HD VOOM programming to Dish Network subscribers. From its initial lineup of 10 VOOM channels, Dish Network will expand to offer 15. This is the most HD programming available anywhere.
VOOM HD Networks is the largest distributor of HD programming in the nation. It has the widest variety of HD content. VOOM began collaborating with Dish Network last spring, when the first 10 channels were offered. VOOM broadcasts in 1080i, utilizing Dolby 5.1 surround audio. All VOOM channels are broadcasting 24-hours a day, without commercials. The new channels are included in Dish Network’s DishHD package. The package as a whole offers more than 1700 hours of HD television each week, including movies, sports, news and weather.
Thanks to its vividness, its crispness of detail and dazzling color quality, HDTV is becoming more and more popular with viewers. It’s widely recognized as the best TV available, offering superior visual and audio experiences, as well as cutting-edge content. As the demand for more HD programming is sure to increase, Dish Network plans to add additional HD channels in the near future. Right now, it offers about twice as many HD channels as its competitors in the satellite TV industry.
Below is a list of some of the new VOOM HD channels recently added to Dish Network’s package of HD programming:
Animania HD: The best cartoon channel available, offering everything from classic cartoons to cutting-edge animation.
Rave HD: It’s like having a disco in your own home. This live music channel broadcasts in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.
Rush HD: The ultimate adventure sports channel. Feel the rush, in HD.
Gallery HD: Visit the hottest museums and get the latest reports on the art world.
Monsters HD: For monster movie fans, this channel features all the best in horror flicks. Not for the faint of heart!
Gameplay HD: This groundbreaking channel delivers virtual video games in HD for the first time anywhere.
Family Room HD: Great commercial-free entertainment for you and the kids, from movies to educational shows.
Worldsport HD: The best athletic events from around the world. Tune into soccer, football and NASCAR, all in crystal clear HD.
These are just a few of the HD channels available from Dish Network. Click here for more information on these new networks, and on terrific subscription offers.